Ebooks for Health and Training

Below is a list of Ebooks and Training Manuals I have designed over the years. Please feel free to edit them in anyway if you are using for your own training courses, I use them within my practice and for developing my online courses.

First one is a free Fibromyaglia Ebook – I work with many clients with Fibromyalgia and have a close family member who has had Fibro for over 10 years so I hope that it may bring you some benefits.

Fibromyalgia Ebook Click Here

Smoothie Challenge Ebook with Bonus Meal Plan Click here


If you are a therapist looking to train others or If you have an interest in therapies and would like to know more, I have created manuals for some of my training courses for you and you can edit if you choose and use in your own training or for your own learning.

Reiki Level 1 – Click Here

Indian Head Massage – Click Here

Hot Stone Massage – Click Here

Reflexology – Click Here

Hopi Ear Candle – Click Here

Spray Tan – Click Here

Beautiful Brows and lash Tint – Click Here

You can see a little clip from my reflexology online course here – This is the liver and gall bladder reflex points. Click Here

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