Oily Skin – Essential Oils

Nothing could be more perfect than aromatherapy for treating oily and acneic complexions, as essences have an affinity with the skin, being able to pass through the skin barrier via the fluids and penetrate into the body.  Many essential oils are cleansing and anti bacterial: for example lavender, bergamot, neroli, sandalwood, tea tree, ylang-ylang andContinue reading “Oily Skin – Essential Oils”

Essential oils for cleaning

Some essential oils used in the home for cleaning, they are a natural option and smell amazing. 1. Lemon Loved for its light, clean scent, this essential oil is also a powerhouse in homemade cleaning recipes. Naturally antibacterial and antiviral, lemon is commonly used to degrease stubborn stains as well as freshen the air. UseContinue reading “Essential oils for cleaning”

Reiki Chakra and Essential Oils

FOR REIKI PRACTICIONERS Essential Oils that can be used for each chakra at times when you feel a blockage over a particular area that needs some extra assistance 1. ROOT CHAKRA (MULADHARA) ESSENTIAL OILS THAT HELP YOU TO CONNECT TO THE EARTH AND TO GROUND YOU, INCLUDE PATCHOULI AND VETIVER. ALSO ROSEWOOD. OTHER GOOD ESSENTIALContinue reading “Reiki Chakra and Essential Oils”

Using Oils to Calm and Relax after a busy day.

I was speaking to my neighbour recently about what she could do to relax as she was stressed out with work and as I reeled off the masses of relaxation techniques that I use, we got onto the topic of essential oils. She, like many others I speak to, she was not convinced they work. Continue reading “Using Oils to Calm and Relax after a busy day.”

Thicker Stronger Hair with Essential Oils

  I play about with my hair all the time, its like a frickin addiction, I love to go different colours, I know very little about being a hairdresser but I seem to think I am one on far too many occasions.  I just love changing my look, however sometimes my hair doesn’t agree withContinue reading “Thicker Stronger Hair with Essential Oils”

Essential Oils Help ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are common conditions among children. If your child has any one of the two conditions, you might be worried how they are going to cope with their following life. The good news is that there are a number of effective treatments for this condition. Nevertheless,Continue reading “Essential Oils Help ADHD”

Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

I like to use my essential oils not just within my treatments but around my home as well.  This one is a fave of mine, I love it for the skin but diffusing in my home it is such a lovely calming oil. Frankincense Essential Oil Uses 1. Stress Relief Frankincense essential oil can beContinue reading “Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil”