Motivational Speeches lift your spirits

Have you ever listened to a song and all of a sudden felt intense emotions of either sadness or empowerment.  Like listening to a pink song – “So what I’m still a Rock Star” in my car and blaring out the lyrics and totally imagining that you just don’t give a shit and your unstoppable….thenContinue reading “Motivational Speeches lift your spirits”

Does Meditation make Anxiety worse?

For me I began meditating when my anxiety started showing its ugly face in my life again.  Pharmaceutical drugs are not for me (not knocking them as they help some) just not for myself,  so I decided to face this f*cking awful feeling inside me and shine a light on it.  In my previous chapters of myContinue reading “Does Meditation make Anxiety worse?”

Forgiveness Meditations are the most powerful

So I started a course with Mindvalley and one of the main points I have found in the Bending Reality course was the forgiveness meditations.  They are emotional but once you do them for a short while I noticed that people just didn’t upset me anymore.  I think when you realise that a negative emotionContinue reading “Forgiveness Meditations are the most powerful”